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Founders Bio

Dyamond Green

Hello my Luscious Dolls, my name is Dyamond Green. Born and raised in the City of brotherly love Philadelphia. I am currently 24 years old and more focused on my brand than ever! Luscious Eye Candy was first created in 2019. We strive to cater to all different genders, ethnicity, and cultures! My goal when I started this brand was to empower women, I want women to feel beautiful at all times. “I think Lingerie helps bring out the sexy in men and women, helping them feel secure” Embracing our flaws and living in our truth, Luscious Eye Candy is 4 you!

Mission Statement

Why We Do It

We strive for all our customers to embrace their body and love themselves first! In order to fully be happy, we must first accept our own imperfections. I want Luscious Eye Candy to give customers that radiance they never knew they had! Our sets, toys & accessories will have you feeling like never before! I mean after all who doesn’t love EYECANDY?!